Me and my boring family


The other night we were feeling like making the day extra fun. So we neverminded Sophia’s bedtime, snuggled up under the covers and watched a show together. Afterwards we just talked. We played a game of taking turns thinking of song titles, translating them way too directly into our own languages (Danish for me, Swedish for Marcus) and letting the other guess what on Earth it could be. In the middle of our giggling and joking Sophia dozed off and eventually we did too.

I’m currently reading the Pillars of the Earth, which goes on in Civil War England in the 12th century, and although I love being sucked into a different time with a different culture and different problems, every time I put it down I feel boosted with appreciation for my peaceful boring (more…)

A Saturday without plans


We’ve been trying to eat much healthier this year by swapping sweets and fats for greens and .. greens. And it’s going surprisingly well. It’s incredible what major changes you can make in your life with the right attitude. A strategy that has helped me a LOT is simply asking myself what I really feel like eating if I’m completely honest. By taking a step back and pondering that for a minute I allow myself to remember that heavy sluggish feeling I get when I eat unhealthily and how fresh and energized I feel when I don’t. And I usually arrive at bell peppers. Is there any food that can make you feel more fresh than bell peppers??

Anyway, this past Saturday we woke up and didn’t have any plans. And so instead of losing my head over all the things we could go spend money on, I applied my (more…)

Happy birthday Marcus!


Happy birthday to my companion, business partner and best friend!
He didn’t know how unlucky he was when he married someone who’s as helpless at gift giving as I am. I finally thought of a good birthday present for him last week and found the store on the other side of town to buy it from. But earlier this week (as you may have seen on my Snapchat) that day became a wild goose chase of wrong platforms, broken elevators, bus hunting, bus card losing and eventually sandwich eating at the park. Sad as I was I told Marcus about my failure at getting him the right present and that now I’d have to order it online and it wouldn’t be here in time. And kind as he always is, he (more…)

I discovered a bad mom inside me – she’s real // Part 1


Everyone always talks about ‘terrible twos’ but my daughter has ‘PMS 18 months’. It doesn’t sound as good but it’s true. And it seems like the meltdowns always come when I’m battling an inner meltdown myself. And it’s like meltdown + meltdown = monster. And the monster is not the toddler. It’s me.

I imagine that the Hulk got pretty freaked out when he transformed the first time (I don’t know, I don’t remember the movie), but it definitely scared the living daylights out of me when I first felt the ripples and the shutters. What scared me the most (more…)

Say “cheeeeese!” – our weekend adventures


This post is actually about our rainy weekend trip with our friends. But I decided to rename it when I went through our pictures and noticed that every other picture was of our baby smiling involuntarily at the camera. Haha! She just learned that day how to smile on command and she spent the rest of the drive showing off her new skill!

Our friends from Sweden came for the weekend and I’m so sad that we were so unlucky with the weather. We rented a car and had planned out places to go but in the end it was mostly a long wet car ride and some (more…)

Appreciating everyday MOMents


When we have tough periods in my family – which always seems more often than ever – Marcus is so good at reminding me of all of the blessings we already have. He has a great solid job, we live in a city and country that is just waiting to be explored, our families aren’t terribly far away and we really have everything that we need. And then the one that I am almost most grateful for: we can afford for me to be a stay at home mom.

It’s always been my dream and has been our goal since we got married, and now we’re finally in a situation where it is possible. And I still can’t hardly (more…)

Pier walk and SPRING!


Since Marcus was off work Monday and the sun was out we decided to go somewhere to enjoy the weather. Dun Laoghaire had been on our list for a while so we hopped on the train and went down there. And yes, how exactly do you pronounce “Dun Laoghaire”?? Well, we’ve learned that it’s “Dun Learee” – but Marcus likes to keep up his first assumption, “Dun Lao-ga-hairrrrr”.

I love these early spring days! It’s incredible how overjoyed you can get from just feeling the warmth of the sun for the first time in six months! And it’s like the world comes back to life too. A lot more people are out and are more energetic and happy. And is it just me but (more…)

To kill an easter egg


Yesterday we had a few friends over to dye easter eggs. I’d spontaneously invited everyone before I realized I hadn’t dyed eggs since I was 12? Back then I’d followed instructions to poke a small hole at the top and bottom of the egg and then blow air into the top hole until all of the yolk and whites came out the bottom. It had never dawned on me that some people actually eat easter eggs that aren’t made of chocolate?!
So it was a good thing that I Pinterested this activity the day before and learned about food coloring dye and hard boiled eggs!

We had fun and I got put in my place – I feel terribly sorry for the poor eggs that had to suffer my frivolous attempts at an extreme (more…)