23 weeks pregnant


23 weeks.

I still can’t believe that I’m pregnant. Most of the time I feel like these will be the longest 9 months ever and will we ever get our little baby girl and summer is gonna take forever. And then there are the times when I can’t get it into my head that our first child is baking away inside me and that in just 4 short months she’ll be out to change our lives forever. Will I even understand that I’m gonna be a mom before I am one? (more…)

22 weeks pregnant


I don’t know if there’s a certain time when you first feel pregnant, for real. Or if I haven’t really felt it yet. But I think I have. Because up until now things were missing, either the belly wasn’t quite big enough or I hadn’t properly felt the baby kicking or I felt too good or too bad. But I think I hit it. My belly is definitely big enough now (I mean… look at that thing!), baby kicks every single day and apart from the frequent back pain and feeling tired and hungry all the time, I feel great!

Properly pregnant, I’d say! (more…)

21 weeks pregnant

21.jpgAnother week gone!

Baby is now 27 cm and weighs about 360 g! No wonder I feel like I’m about to split! Last week I said I didn’t feel pregnant, since I didn’t think I was experiencing any symptoms. This week however baby must have reached a size that mama’s body could no longer ignore. Apart from constantly feeling like I just finished Thanksgiving dinner I’m starting to experience random pain around my abdomen and back if I twist or stretch. (more…)

20 weeks pregnant

20.jpg.jpg20 weeks! Half way! How weird is that that I’m already made half a baby! … On second thought.. this past half has been crazy long… sincerely hope the second half will feel shorter.

This last week has been another week on the road toward our second home and we’re actually moving into our apartment in Salt Lake tomorrow.

AND! (more…)

18 and 19 weeks pregnant

photo1Sooo.. I’ve been kind of quiet lately, but as you may know, this last week has been spent on the road, as Marcus and I finally left Hawaii a week ago. I should probably add that the main reason that it’s been a challenge to update the blog is that I actually killed our laptop a few weeks ago. Yes, I’ve kept that to myself. But I’ve come to learn to accept my imperfection and can now face the world and admit what happened. (more…)

17 weeks pregnant

photo17 weeks… and the half way mark is getting closer.

A couple of our friends just had their baby this last week and hearing them tell of this experience felt like a wake-up call for us. At the same time it makes it seem even more unreal that we will be bringing home a little football of a baby in a few months.  (more…)

16 weeks pregnant

fsd5Made it to 16 weeks!

Belly still isn’t huge, but this week, for the first time, I couldn’t button my first pair of jeans. This sent me into wild goose chase to figure out if I’m gonna get mommy jeans, mommy leggings or normal leggings. Cheap, cheaper or cheapest. I’m very open to any advice out there. Leaning towards leggings since I’ll need them during the summer, but wondering if normal leggings work fine or if maternity leggings are necessary. (more…)

14 weeks pregnant

14 weeks jean.jpg.jpgYH

So in order to keep updated, every Monday night I’ll post a weekly update on my pregnancy.

Made it to the second trimester!

In case you’re looking really close, there is a tiny bump – almost not visible though – I apologize for the choice of clothing. It kind of makes it unclear.

Week 14! And finally out of the first trimester. Hopefully gonna really start getting my life back now!

So baby is the size of a lemon, or 3.4 inches (8,6 cm) and 1.5 oz (42,5 g). Newest features this week are that the kidneys are fully functioning and she’s peeing! Sad that she’s peeing into the amniotic fluid around her.. good thing she won’t know better. Also baby is growing lanugo, or fuzzy hair all over his body. Fluffy!

As for mommy, I’m feeling better. Better and better each week. (more…)