16 weeks pregnant

fsd5Made it to 16 weeks!

Belly still isn’t huge, but this week, for the first time, I couldn’t button my first pair of jeans. This sent me into wild goose chase to figure out if I’m gonna get mommy jeans, mommy leggings or normal leggings. Cheap, cheaper or cheapest. I’m very open to any advice out there. Leaning towards leggings since I’ll need them during the summer, but wondering if normal leggings work fine or if maternity leggings are necessary. (more…)

14 weeks pregnant

14 weeks jean.jpg.jpgYH

So in order to keep updated, every Monday night I’ll post a weekly update on my pregnancy.

Made it to the second trimester!

In case you’re looking really close, there is a tiny bump – almost not visible though – I apologize for the choice of clothing. It kind of makes it unclear.

Week 14! And finally out of the first trimester. Hopefully gonna really start getting my life back now!

So baby is the size of a lemon, or 3.4 inches (8,6 cm) and 1.5 oz (42,5 g). Newest features this week are that the kidneys are fully functioning and she’s peeing! Sad that she’s peeing into the amniotic fluid around her.. good thing she won’t know better. Also baby is growing lanugo, or fuzzy hair all over his body. Fluffy!

As for mommy, I’m feeling better. Better and better each week. (more…)

Catching up on the pregnancy

fetus13So I dropped the bomb two days ago that I’m pregnant. I’m currently 13 weeks or 3 months, at the very end of the first trimester. Baby is about 2.9 inches or 7,5 cm and weighs about .81 oz or 23 g – supposedly the size of a peach. Though she’s (don’t freak, don’t know the gender yet, but I’ll be calling the baby ‘he’ or ‘she’ simply cause I feel weird saying ‘it’) still fairly small my belly has gone from simply being bloated and uhm.. poofy? to being solidly curvy below the belly button. Don’t know how else to explain it. So it’s probably not completely visible yet, but definitely not casually flat either. Truth be told, my pants feel really tight and I prefer to flatteringly unbotton them whenever – possibly – possible.

Pregnancy so far has been exciting but rough. The night back in early January (more…)