26 weeks pregnant


Sigh… it happened.

So for the past 6 months I’ve dreaded but expected becoming a big white pregnant whale with swollen ankles, feet and .. swollen everywhere, I guess. Especially since we found out we’re having a girl, I have seen it written in people’s eyes – the common suspicion that women carrying girls will not only grow a big tummy but will also grow generally wider.

But during my first trimester I lost weight and still looked slim with a big belly when I started showing. I got hopeful. Maybe I could make it through the full 9 months this way! I started looking up things I could do to prevent swelling. I made sure I moved around and went on walks every day and that I kept my feet up whenever I sat down.

But then this week I was sitting in my living room with my grandma after a nice long day in the sun. We were talking about how my pregnancy was doing when she suddenly asked whether I had noticed if my ankles and feet were swelling up a little yet. I started to wave off her question but figured I may as well take a look. And, oh dear, they were. Not a ton, but definitely bigger than my ankles and feet had ever been. My immediate reaction was, what did I do wrong??!

It took a while for me to calm down and realize this was only to be expected and was probably inevitable. Just 10 minutes later I asked my mom for her phone so I could see the pictures we had taken that day. I came across a picture of a group picture with myself in it and I couldn’t suppress a small whimper. I looked huge. It was not just my feet. I didn’t even allow myself the hope of thinking it might just be a bad picture. The day had come. And there was nothing I could do about it.

(I’m still debating whether or not to put the picture in the post, but I think I’ll spare myself the embarrassment of the thought of all of you studying my newfound plumpness. Though I know you have the best of intentions, of course.)

Goodness! That was week 26!

25 weeks pregnant

o-maticBaby Girl is jumping around inside. Wonder if she knows I’m talking about her. Marcus keeps reminding me that he wants me to tell him every single time I feel her move – this was all fine and good a few weeks ago, but now I can feel her aaall the time! The coolest is when I feel her little head turning and twisting under my hand.

I’m sitting here writing while putting up a brave fight to keep my eyes open – not quite ready to face the cleaning party I had planned for today.

Going to bed has not exactly been something I’ve looked much forward to this week. Despite the irony of constantly feeling tired I have just not been able to actually bring myself to falling asleep. I lie awake hours after my man has drifted off with nothing to count but the times my bladder manage to fill up again and again. So my mind wanders. I think of just about everything… (more…)

24 weeks pregnant

o-maticDid I stop growing? I feel like my belly has looked pretty much the same in the last 4 pictures. Waiting for the next growth spurt.

So you may notice that there’s a lot about smells in the cloud this week. If you have been pregnant before you may not be as surprised as me. I thought pregnancy was all about craving donuts and cheese puffs! So here I was waiting for some weird food craving to set in when a package of new shoes came that my mom had ordered to our house. Being the good daughter that I am, I (more…)

23 weeks pregnant


23 weeks.

I still can’t believe that I’m pregnant. Most of the time I feel like these will be the longest 9 months ever and will we ever get our little baby girl and summer is gonna take forever. And then there are the times when I can’t get it into my head that our first child is baking away inside me and that in just 4 short months she’ll be out to change our lives forever. Will I even understand that I’m gonna be a mom before I am one? (more…)

22 weeks pregnant


I don’t know if there’s a certain time when you first feel pregnant, for real. Or if I haven’t really felt it yet. But I think I have. Because up until now things were missing, either the belly wasn’t quite big enough or I hadn’t properly felt the baby kicking or I felt too good or too bad. But I think I hit it. My belly is definitely big enough now (I mean… look at that thing!), baby kicks every single day and apart from the frequent back pain and feeling tired and hungry all the time, I feel great!

Properly pregnant, I’d say! (more…)

21 weeks pregnant

21.jpgAnother week gone!

Baby is now 27 cm and weighs about 360 g! No wonder I feel like I’m about to split! Last week I said I didn’t feel pregnant, since I didn’t think I was experiencing any symptoms. This week however baby must have reached a size that mama’s body could no longer ignore. Apart from constantly feeling like I just finished Thanksgiving dinner I’m starting to experience random pain around my abdomen and back if I twist or stretch. (more…)

20 weeks pregnant

20.jpg.jpg20 weeks! Half way! How weird is that that I’m already made half a baby! … On second thought.. this past half has been crazy long… sincerely hope the second half will feel shorter.

This last week has been another week on the road toward our second home and we’re actually moving into our apartment in Salt Lake tomorrow.

AND! (more…)

18 and 19 weeks pregnant

photo1Sooo.. I’ve been kind of quiet lately, but as you may know, this last week has been spent on the road, as Marcus and I finally left Hawaii a week ago. I should probably add that the main reason that it’s been a challenge to update the blog is that I actually killed our laptop a few weeks ago. Yes, I’ve kept that to myself. But I’ve come to learn to accept my imperfection and can now face the world and admit what happened. (more…)

17 weeks pregnant

photo17 weeks… and the half way mark is getting closer.

A couple of our friends just had their baby this last week and hearing them tell of this experience felt like a wake-up call for us. At the same time it makes it seem even more unreal that we will be bringing home a little football of a baby in a few months.  (more…)