What would Pam Beesly do?

4878a9f65d2c51689b4d9e0f217dc402Just a couple of hours ago we finished for the second time in our marriage one of my new favorite shows: The Office.

I have to thank my husband for talking me into watching the show with him. He has a thing for easy-to-watch funny shows, whereas I prefer shows with more of a story and deeper meaning. After watching a couple of episodes I had decided that the humor of The Office was not my cup of tea. Thank goodness that Marcus was so persistent and managed to persuade me to sit through the first two seasons. I must say, it wasn’t easy. And definitely not funny. But after I reached that mark I was sold. And now I love it! (more…)

17 weeks pregnant

photo17 weeks… and the half way mark is getting closer.

A couple of our friends just had their baby this last week and hearing them tell of this experience felt like a wake-up call for us. At the same time it makes it seem even more unreal that we will be bringing home a little football of a baby in a few months.  (more…)

“Pearl Harbor – may we never forget”

photo 2 (3)YHJust wanted to share a few pictures from our visit to Pearl Harbor. Yes! We finally went. About time too. We left home before sunup and were able to enjoy the atmosphere of the site before too many tourists arrived. It was a very special experience. Standing there looking across the water to the USS Arizona Memorial picturing the horrible scene that took place just over 70 years ago.  (more…)

Today, I became a Mother

photo 2 (2)YHI had a dream last night. I usually dream a lot so I can’t quite tell if the pregnancy is making a difference or not. But I dreamed that the baby was here. A little baby with dark brown hair. (more…)

16 weeks pregnant

fsd5Made it to 16 weeks!

Belly still isn’t huge, but this week, for the first time, I couldn’t button my first pair of jeans. This sent me into wild goose chase to figure out if I’m gonna get mommy jeans, mommy leggings or normal leggings. Cheap, cheaper or cheapest. I’m very open to any advice out there. Leaning towards leggings since I’ll need them during the summer, but wondering if normal leggings work fine or if maternity leggings are necessary. (more…)

What anyone who wants to get married should know

IMG_8246.jpg.jpgYHI had the pleasure of starting my day today by reading an inspiring blog post by a man who at the time had just gone through with his divorce and was now sharing a list of 20 things he wished he would have done in his marriage to keep it alive.

He ends his post by expressing his utmost regret that his list of advice were all things that he learned too late. That he should have known this at the beginning of their marriage instead of at the end.

Marcus and I celebrated our first anniversary this last Sunday. (more…)

15 weeks pregnant

15 weeks.jpg.jpgYH15 weeks and going strong! This last week has been great. It seems like all signs of morning sickness are finally completely out of my system. I haven’t felt really nauseous for a week and I haven’t thrown up for two weeks! High five!

I can’t express how great it feels to wake up in the morning and feel like I can roll right out of bed and start my day. For two months I dreaded waking up to feeling sick yet again, and I always had to stay in bed for a bit to make sure the coast was clear to stand up. It feels great to be able to make plans with friends and not feel pretty sure that I’ll have to cancel. (more…)

How I hate it when people… nevermind.

3150930741_This_is_my_happy_face_xlargeLet me just start by deciding that life is good. Can we agree on that? That the fact that we are alive is something to be embraced and to be grateful for. That no matter if it has its hard periods and can be pretty unpredictable, that it is still a priviledge simply to have a chance at a life in this world.

This morning I came across a post on a Danish ‘second hand’ ‘buy and sell’ type of Facebook page. The girl posting was attempting to sell a small coffee table that she had bought the same morning at a big sale – the kind where people stood in line waiting for the doors to open. The girl had been there when the store opened. In the craziness of determined shoppers she bought this table without being completely positive that it would match and fit in her apartment. When she returned home and unpacked the table, to her dismay, the table wasn’t a good fit for her living room. (more…)

14 weeks pregnant

14 weeks jean.jpg.jpgYH

So in order to keep updated, every Monday night I’ll post a weekly update on my pregnancy.

Made it to the second trimester!

In case you’re looking really close, there is a tiny bump – almost not visible though – I apologize for the choice of clothing. It kind of makes it unclear.

Week 14! And finally out of the first trimester. Hopefully gonna really start getting my life back now!

So baby is the size of a lemon, or 3.4 inches (8,6 cm) and 1.5 oz (42,5 g). Newest features this week are that the kidneys are fully functioning and she’s peeing! Sad that she’s peeing into the amniotic fluid around her.. good thing she won’t know better. Also baby is growing lanugo, or fuzzy hair all over his body. Fluffy!

As for mommy, I’m feeling better. Better and better each week. (more…)

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